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Service after the Sale

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Service after the Sale

Now that you have your ebike, whatcha think?

   So, you decided to buy online. Today's blog is about that experience and why did you choose online? Also, after you've gotten your bike how has the service been, if any?

  When we buy online we really are buying into the unknown. There are triggers that stimulate and sometimes trick our minds into buying. 

  I know, I know....Ummm, check this price out? Oh, they have free shipping too. Wow! it even comes pre-assembled. Seriously...these reviews are good.


  Does the above sound about right? It happens everyday and it works really well for some and terrifying to others. Why is this? Below are some questions to think about I'm regards to your own experience. Please comment, if you'd like to share your experience.

   - what information drew you in to buy online?

   - did the website say anything about what to do if repairs were ever needed?

   - did you learn, the website, about tune up intervals and how to do it?

   - how has your service been since your purchase? If you have needed service /maintenance how was your experience with the manufacturer? what did they do?


  Ok, I know that can be really easy for some and others completely exhausting. Your comments are definitely encouraged. Thank you all

  Oh, one last question. If you currently have an automobile, did you buy online?




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