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Local Rides

Zero Dark 30:

 This group meets every Mon, Wed and Fri at 4am at the Big Curve Shopping Center Starbucks. This is a road bike specific ride. This ride was developed with the brand new rider in mind. All abilities are welcome and ride last about 1.5 hours. Lights, water and flat repair kits are required. Enjoy a social afterwards at Starbucks to mingle and have coffee or a breakfast sandwich. Most leave by 6am to get to work or kids to school, etc.

FB page - ZD30 FB Link

IG page - ZD30 IG Link

Mostly Muffins:

  This is a road specific road ride with multiple ability groups. Ride is every Sunday at 7am (check for summer start time). Located at 16th St and Ave. B. More experienced riders enjoy this ride as they get an opportunity to ride hard with other like minded cyclists. However, there are still less experienced riders that enjoy this ride as well. Social afterwards at Mostly Muffins. 


 This is a Mountain Bike specific ride. Although there isn't really a published time and date that people meet, there are always people riding on Saturday and Sunday's. During the summer months, riders will normally meet around 5am. Water is a must. There is also a few Facebook groups that you can check out and ask questions about trails, meetups or just general info. 

FB pages:  Yuma Pedal Pushers     Desert Mountain Bikers of Yuma


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